Coming soon CSIpix Version 7

We’re pleased to announce that CSIpix Comparator, Matcher and Case AFIS Version 7 will be released this month. These will be 64-bit applications, so they will work well with large images. They also have a new FFT filter.

New Alliance

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CSIpix Case AFIS installs right on your computer in minutes. You just copy images of fingerprints (latent or known), palm-prints, or even whole ten-prints into a directory, run the batch to enroll and then search. There is no database and no special formatting is required. You can put all of your ‘usual suspects’ in a directory and do a quick Case AFIS search before going through the process of submitting a latent to a larger regional AFIS. It is a quick way to process elimination prints and it allows you to remove unwanted prints from the directory if required by privacy protocols. When you get a hit from a search, the latent and known prints are displayed with the matching minutia patterns clearly highlighted at the same orientation.

Desko new alliance

El Motahida for General Supplies is the Main Distributor for DESKO

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