Forensic Science
Forensic science has become an integral part of many criminal cases and convictions serving both defense and prosecution arguments, The testimony of forensic So scientists has become a trusted component of many civil and criminal cases.
Security Science
Securing is our valued purpose for our clients by offering how and when , our aims concerned in achieving the dreams
Intelligent technologies
The Art Of intelligent technologies became how to offer the latest End‐To‐End integrated solutions and services.

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Security Solutions

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Horus Eye Lab

Who We Are?

We are El Motahida for General Supplies; , It is an Egyptian Company concerned in forensics & cyber security and intelligent technologies  ,  begin on October 2002, and we are working in Egypt, Middle East, Africa. By Our Horus Eye developing Lab we have a great ability for achieving our goals

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Services overview

Through Our Horus Eye Lab and our partners around the world, we can provide the latest solutions, technical support, training and advisory services in our fields of work.

Forensic laboratories infrastructure

Forensic laboratories infrastructure and secure information systems SIS

Technical support

Technical support

Forensic laboratories extension

Forensic laboratories extension , technical development and extensions.

Development and Manufacturing
Development and Manufacturing
scientific Cases Discussion

scientific Cases Discussion



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