CSIpix Comparator

This software significantly reduces the time it takes to enhance, calibrate, compare, and analyze fingerprints and other forensic images. It’s easy to learn and easy to use because it has been designed with input from forensic experts from around the world. It allows you to accurately prepare court charts faster than ever before.

CSIpix Case AFIS

“CSIpix Case AFIS provides a great way to streamline the comparison workflow. Latents can be searched against a group of candidates the examiner chooses, or an individual can be compared against all latents in a specific case. It can also be used to reduce missed IDs as a quality assurance step after comparisons” .

HS 110 10X Forensic Magnifier

Forensic magnifier HS110-HS113 is the most popular product in our company . This small device has 10× amplification ,Double lens with anti UV coating UVC(254nm) UVA(365nm) Laser(980nm) White .

HS 520 30X forensic Magnifier

High-definition images, a greater magnification microscopy