Targeted Cloud Instances

The threat actor known as TeamTNT has been targeting cloud instances and containerized environments on systems around the world for at least two years.

Crypto theft from Bitcoin ATMs

Cybercriminals abused a zero-day flaw in General Bytes Bitcoin ATM servers to steal cryptocurrency. The hack allowed hackers to receive the cryptocurrency funds to their accounts whenever a user makes a deposit through a compromised ATM. Abusing zero-day

data breach tied to Twilio hackers:

Food delivery firm DoorDash has disclosed a data breach exposing customer and employee data that is linked to the recent cyberattack on Twilio.

the Twilio hack keeps growing:

The compromises of Authy and LastPass are the most concerning of the new revelations. Authy says it stores two- factor authentication tokens for 75 million users. Given the passwords the threat actor has already obtained in previous breaches, these tokens may have been the only things preventing the takeover of more accounts. Authy, which Twilio owns, said that the threat actor used its access to log in to only 93 individual accounts and enroll new devices that could receive one-time passwords. Depending on who those accounts belong to, that could be very bad. Authy said it has since removed unauthorized devices from those accounts.