NexiusZoom (EVO) for gemology

NexiusZoom (EVO) for gemology

The specialized backwards tilting stand of the NexiusZoom and NexiusZoom EVO stereo microscopes for gemology applications offers 30W halogen transmitted illumination towards the specimen at oblique angles. This enables the examination of your gems in perfect darkfield conditions. The stand is available with 1 W LED or a 7 W fluorescent incident illumination for brightfield contrast


The standard NexiusZoom is supplied with a pair of HWF 10x/22 mm eyepieces
The NexiusZoom Evo is supplied with a pair of HWF 10x/23 mm eyepieces

Binocular or trinocular heads with 45° inclined tubes. Both eyepieces with ± 5 diopter adjustments. Interpupillary distance adjustable between 54 mm and 75 mm

The standard NexiusZoom is supplied with a 1:6.7 zoom objective with 0.67x to 4.5x magnifications, a field of view from 33 mm to 4.9 mm. Working distance 110 mm. Standard magnification is 6.7 to 45x

The NexiusZoom Evo is supplied with a 1:8.4 zoom objective with 0.65x to 5.5x magnifications, a field of view from 35.4 mm to 4.2 mm. Working distance approx. 110 mm. Standard magnification is 6.5 to 55x

Auxiliary lenses 0.75x, 1.5x and 2.0x available. 
All optics are anti-fungus treated and anti-reflection coated for maximum light throughput

Ergonomical designed stand with backwards 0 to 45° tilting arm with 76 mm head holder, suitable for darkfield and brightfield. Built-in 100240 V power supply

Flat darkfield stage with clamp object holder, iris diaphragm and incident illumination. Clamp object holder can be placed on left or right side

30 Watt halogen transmitted illumination, adjustable intensity
1 Watt LED, adjustable intensity, or 7 Watt fluorescent incident illumination, intensity not adjustable
Both illuminators can be used simultaneously

Supplied with power cord, clamp object holder, dust cover, a spare fuse and user manual. All packed in a polystyrene box