iScope materials science

iScope materials science (polarization)

Microscopes for materials science applications have the specific objectives and other tools like incident illuminations, polarization and compensation filters. This allows precise observation of materials like metals, plastics, minerals, asbestos, glass, wood and chemical materials. Euromex offers a range of metallurgical microscopes, microscopes with rotatable stages and stain-free objectives for polarized light observation, microscopes for asbestos identification and inverted materials science microscopes 

iScope for polarization

The iScope microscope are supplied with specific attachments that turn the iScope into a state-of-the art material science microscope suitable for various applications. There are three types of materials science microscopes; Metallurgical and polarization microscopes and microscopes specially for asbestos indentification


All polarization models are supplied with a pair of EWF 10x/20 mm or 10x/22 mm (Ø 30 mm tube) eyepieces, one eyepiece with crosshairs and one eyepiece with crosshairs and micrometer reticle

• Binocular and trinocular Siedentopf type heads with 30° inclined tubes. Interpupillary distance from 48 to 76 mm
• Two ± 5 diopter adjustments
• A unique rotating system allows the ergonomical positioning of both tubes in a high (431 mm) and in a low position (397 mm)
• The trinocular head has a 23.2 mm photo tube. This fits all C-mount adapters supplied with Euromex cameras

Revolving quadruple reversed nosepiece on ball bearings

360° Rotating Ø 160 mm graduated stage with two object clamps
An optional 30 x 40 mm X-Y mechanical stage is available

Height adjustable Abbe N.A. 1.25 condenser with iris diaphragm and 360° - swing out - rotatable polarizer

Coaxial coarse and fine adjustments, 200 graduations, 1 μm per graduation, 200 μm per rotation, total travel approximately 24 mm and is supplied with an adjustable rack stop to prevent damage to sample and objectives.
The coarse adjustment is equipped with friction control

• Intensity adjustable 3 W Köhler NeoLED™ illumination with internal 100-240 V power supply
• The larger aperture of NeoLED™ allows the optical systems of the iScope® microscope to produce images at higher resolutions, very close to the theoretical diffraction limit of the optics. Other benefits for choosing the NeoLED™ are the low energy consumption, no heating and a long operating lifetime
• The Köhler diaphragm provides homogeneous illumination and high contrast
• Polarisation models with transmitted light only are supplied with: 360° rotatable polarization filter, 360° rotatable analyzer with 180 increments and nonius for 0.2 degree readout, Bertrand lens (build-in), 1 λ first red and 1/4 λ retardation plate, a quartz wedge, 45 mm green and blue filters for lamp house

(PLPOLRi models only)
• Equipped with a 50 W 12 V halogen epi-illumination and external 100-240 V power supply
• Supplied with 360° rotatable polarization filter, 360° rotatable analyzer with 180 increments and nonius for 0.2 degree readout, Bertrand lens (build-in), 1 λ first red plate, 1/4 λ retardation plate, a quartz wedge, sliders with green/blue and white/neutral densitiy filter. 45 mm green and blue filters for lamp house

The unique iCare Sensor is developed to avoid unnecessary loss of energy 
The illumination of the microscope automatically switches off shortly after microscopists step away from their position

iScope® allows users to easily insert the power cable into the back of the instrument, which enables easy storage

The iScope microscope is available in many configurations and can be upgraded with a variety of contrast types

Supplied with power cord, tension control tool, dust cover, spare fuse and user manual. All packed in polystyrene boxes