Cold light source illumination

Cold light source illumination
150 W halogen or 30 W PowerLED

For stereo microscopy choosing the right illumination is essential to obtain a perfect image with maximum resolution. Halogen is the traditional light source of choice due to its high light intensity. The LED version almost equals this intensity but has a longer lifespan, less energy consumption and generates less heat

The major advantage of LED illumination is the constant light spectrum at all light intensity levels. The Euromex light sources are suitable for all kind of applications in industry, Life Sciences and Materials Sciences 


• Multifunctional cold light sources without fibre light conductor
• The high luminous flux and special features are ideal for the advanced requirements in Life and Materials Sciences, various industrial applications and for stereomicroscopy
• A large range of fibre optics, adapters and accessoiries are available

Gooseneck self-sustaining glass fibre light conductor. 
Emission angle 65°, with black metal jacket

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